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January 2010 WI Report Available!

The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program's Janaury 2010 montly report has been posted to the website.  Click on "Watershed Inspector" on the homepage to view this report and other information about the Program.  Also, you can contact the Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program by clicking "Contact the Inspector" above.  There is also an option to send pictures of questions or concerns you may have!

USGS Groundwater Info


I just checked my inbox and found a new message from the USGS News listerserv that discusses the transport of anthropogenic and natural contaminants through glacial aquifer systems.  The specific system that was studied was in Woodbury, Connecticut, but I think that many of findings would relate to the geology of the Finger Lakes.  Specifically, the article discusses groundwater vulnerability due to the rapid movement of water through stratified glacial deposits.  The entire study and contact information for the researchers may be found in PDF form at the following address:


How to Submit an Article


Would you like to contribute to OWN?

The Owasco Watershed Network is not only meant to consolidate information from other agencies and data sources.  This web site is designed to create a community of users with a common interest in preserving the Owasco Lake Watershed.  Registered  users may use the OWN Forum for candid discussion, the OWN Calendar to distribute event information, and may publish their thoughts, news, and opinions right here in the section that we call 'Community Articles.' 

How to Submit a Posting (refer to Article Editor diagram below)

Step 1:  Click on 'Submit a Posting' in the Community Articles menu, this requires you to be registered and signed in.

Step 2:  Add a title and posting content.  Images and pagebreaks may be added as well as font styles, tables, and html code.

Step 3:  In the Section drop down box, select 'User Provided Content'

Step 4:  In the Category drop down box, select 'News/Events/Opinions'

Step 5:  Type your name into the Author Alias field.

Step 6:  Provide an article description and keywords in the appropriate fields at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:  Click 'Save'

IAGT Student Trip to Panama

Three students from Cayuga Community College recently spent 9 days in Panama learning about Climate Change.  We hope that they will bring back what they learned and apply it to the Finger Lakes area.  See the press release below:


IAGT/Cayuga Community College, Auburn, NY, January 2010:

The Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT), in cooperation with the National Science Foundation and the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC) took a group of students on a nine day trip to Panama to study the affects of Climate Change in Latin America.

Project Background:

Amy Work and Nate Krause of IAGT chaperoned five students selected, two from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and three from Cayuga Community College to spend nine days in Panama City, Panama experiencing national parks, rainforests, and local attractions, as well as learning from local experts on the environmental and natural disaster issues facing Latin America.  Each student was required to formulate a question before the trip, and then research their question throughout the week using GIS and the knowledgebase at CATHALAC.  On the final day of their research, each gave a presentation of their findings and plans for future investigations.  Students were required to maintain blogs and photo albums to document their trip and post their presentations.

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