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Now is the Time for NY’s Marinas, Boaters & Anglers to Battle Hydrilla


NY Invasive Species Specialist Chuck O’Neill, 585-831-6165, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New York Sea Grant Recreation & Tourism Specialist Dave White, 315-312-3042

Now is the Time for NY’s Marinas, Boaters & Anglers to Battle Hydrilla 

Ithaca, NY -- Marina operators, boaters and anglers are the front line for preventing the spread of Hydrilla verticillata, a nasty aquatic invasive plant, and now is the time to act says Cornell University Cooperative Extension invasive species specialist Charles “Chuck” O’Neill. 

“Now - before launching boats for the 2012 boating season - is the time for taking measures to prevent Hydrilla from reaching other waters. This is a priority in New York where the popularity of boating creates the opportunity for spread,” O’Neill says.

New York Sea Grant and the Cornell Cooperative Extension Invasive Species Program have written “Hydrilla: What Marinas Need to Know” and “Not Wanted! Hydrilla” fact sheets to help people recognize the invasive plant and closely inspect watercraft to prevent its spread. 

To prevent Hydrilla’s spread over land and by water, O’Neill says the timing is critical for marina operators, boaters and anglers, especially those who travel from waterbody to waterbody to participate in tournaments, to practice aquatic invasive control measures.

Measures include the use of drain filters when washing boats to opening airlocks and air bladders to prevent Hydrilla fragments from surviving in a kayak’s damp nooks and crannies. Sharp-eyed observation and proper disposal of debris that clings to watercraft are also good methods for slowing the spread of unwanted species.
New York Sea Grant is using the information sheets with its 2012 Discover Clean & Safe Boating campaign and with a cadre of new aquatic invasive species education and watercraft stewards attending waterfront and boating events throughout New York to teach tips on how to properly inspect one’s boat before transporting.
The Hydrilla fact sheets are online at http://nyis.info; see Priority Species: Aquatic Plants. #

·      “A half-inch fragment is all it takes for Hydrilla to establish itself.
·      Current control measures for Hydrilla include costly chemical treatments that keep the invader at bay, and periodic mechanical harvesting and handpulling. 
·      While unlikely, fragments of Hydrilla can overwinter on boats, including those that have been washed and shrink-wrapped. Marina operators and boaters can inspect watercraft and practice pre-launch cleaning of boats, making sure wash water does not flow into any surface water. Storm drain screens and earthen or straw berms around washing areas can contain runoff.
·      Hydrilla, also called water thyme, creates thick mats of surface vegetation, displacing native species; causing fish kills; reducing the weight and size of sportfish; obstructing boating, swimming, and fishing recreation; and reducing the value of shoreline property.
·      Hydrilla was discovered in Cayuga Inlet near Ithaca, NY, in August 2011. It exists the width and length of the Inlet. If Hydrilla reaches and escapes Cayuga Lake, it could travel by water to the Seneca-Cayuga Canal, Erie Canal, other Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and beyond. 
Photos available from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 315-465-7578:
·           Hydrilla in Cayuga Inlet; photo: Bob Johnson, Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologists
·           Typical dense mat of Hydrilla; photo: David J. Moorhead, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org
·           Close-up of Hydrilla stem; photo: Robert Vidéki, Doronicum Kft, Bugwood.org
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