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A Message From Dr. Joe, Please Read!
Hi OWLS and friends!!!  On Tuesday November 23rd at 6 PM Terry Jeff and myself will be presenting our 600 signature petition to the Cayuga County Legislature. I would like as many people as possible to attend and speak in our support about Owasco Lake and it's problems etc.  We need OWLS and anyone else who is interrested in helping Owasco Lake. I emailed you all last week, but so far have had only two of you contact me that you would come and support us. This our big chance to be involved and counted  as the true environmental activists that we are. The Petition urges the county, the city of Auburn, and the town of Owasco to band together and work to clean up Owasco Lake. They are already in the process of doing just that in forming the Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council. OWLA spearheaded this endeavor, and we have to remind them of that and let them know that we are supporting their efforts, but are watching, and will not go away until we get the results that we want. That is why we need YOU to come and be heard. Please email me or call and make plans to come and join us!! Thanks!! Joe   RSVP