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Owasco Lake Mosaic

Hi folks,

There will be a mosaic of Owasco Lake installed on one of the concrete sitting walls on Exchange St. Mall downtown, Sept. 25-26 from 9AM - 5PM. 

Participants should dress comfortably and not to wear anything they can't get dirty in. If they have a work apron, it's very handy.

Student shifts are running from 9AM - Noon, then Noon - 3PM both Saturday and Sunday. BPII offered to create a sign-up sheet for students for each work station, and to have certificates the day of- for those that help. But, all are welcome anytime, for any length of time. Yet, to really learn the technique, participation is encouraged both days.

Saturday will involve breaking tile, cutting mirror, painting and gluing mosaic pieces to the concrete walls. The day before we install, the design will be painted on the walls, and on site, a color copy of the composition will be mounted for view, and direction clearly given to what color goes where. It's very easy, and fun.

Sunday is more labor intensive, we will mix 5 colors of grout and apply it to the walls. After it sets a bit, we will feather off access grout, and buff the tiles to make them shine.

I'm happy to share that Mesa Grande is providing food for volunteers both days.