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One Day CCC Course Offering: Using Online Technology for Watershed Stewardship

Title: Using Online Technology for Watershed Stewardship

Date:  May 17th (other dates later in the summer as well)
6:30-9:30 PM.

Audience: Local Town Officials, Citizen Organizations, General Public

Price: $49

Description: Understanding and managing watersheds to protect water quality is becoming increasingly important. In New York State, land use decisions that dictate the use and control of the land are made at the local level. A variety of technologies are now available to enhance these processes and greatly improve access to data and information. Using data describing the Owasco Lake watershed as examples, discussion will include the importance of understanding environmentally sensitive areas and the use of computer modeled results in watershed management. Participants will be introduced to the Owasco Watershed Network (OWN), a new resource for Owasco Lake information released in January of 2010.  The OWN is a watershed-level information network, created to cause a dramatic improvement in the distribution and sharing of critical environmental information among the concerned public, businesses, researchers, educators and government stakeholders. Participants will also receive training in the use of the Owasco Watershed Viewer and how geospatial data and 3D visualization can transform the way we think about and view a watershed.  Participants will receive a copy of the Viewer as part of the course.


Limit 12- 15  people per session.