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How to Submit a Resource (refer to the diagram below)

Step 1:  Click on ‘Submit A Resource’ in the Education menu, this requires you to be registered and signed in.

Step 2:  Add a title to the resource and a short description about the resource. You can include hyperlinks to resources by using the “Insert/edit link” icon. When you add a hpyerlink, set to 'open in a new window.' You will be able to upload documents after this entry has been saved.

Step 3:  In the Section drop down box, select 'Educational Content’

Step 4:  In the Category drop down box, select the most appropriate you’re your resource belongs to.

Step 5:  Type your name into the Author Alias field.

Step 6:  You do not need to assign a Start Publishing or Finish Publishing date. You only need to specify this if you want the resource to appear for only a limited time.

Step 7:  Set Access Level is set to ‘Public’

Step 8:  In the Metadata at the bottom of the page, re-enter the description you posted above in the Description box and provide keywords that will help others to search through the resources. Include as keywords:

  • Target audience: K-12, teachers, students, college or adult
  • Materials: lessons, activites, curriculum, hands-on, etc.
  • Relevant disciplines: geology, science, math, STEM, etc.
  • Additional descriptors: GIS, lecture, invasive species, erosion control, stream monitoring etc.

Step 7:  Click 'Save' at the top of the page.