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How to Submit an Article


Would you like to contribute to OWN?

The Owasco Watershed Network is not only meant to consolidate information from other agencies and data sources.  This web site is designed to create a community of users with a common interest in preserving the Owasco Lake Watershed.  Registered  users may use the OWN Forum for candid discussion, the OWN Calendar to distribute event information, and may publish their thoughts, news, and opinions right here in the section that we call 'Community Articles.' 

How to Submit a Posting (refer to Article Editor diagram below)

Step 1:  Click on 'Submit a Posting' in the Community Articles menu, this requires you to be registered and signed in.

Step 2:  Add a title and posting content.  Images and pagebreaks may be added as well as font styles, tables, and html code.

Step 3:  In the Section drop down box, select 'User Provided Content'

Step 4:  In the Category drop down box, select 'News/Events/Opinions'

Step 5:  Type your name into the Author Alias field.

Step 6:  Provide an article description and keywords in the appropriate fields at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:  Click 'Save'

Guidelines for Postings

The Owasco Watershed Network is open to all opinions offered in a curtious and appropriate manner.  Postingss will be reviewed before being published on OWN.  The following guidelines are offered to ensure that contributors know what is and is not acceptable for publishing.

  • Postingss submitted must be approved before they will be displayed on OWN.
  • When making references to published literature, please cite your sources using names, dates, and web site addresses where applicable. 
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Slander will not be tolerated.
  • Any website addresses, hyperlinks, or pictures should be appropriate for any audience.