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Watershed Education

Each morning more than 550,000 residents in the Finger Lakes Basin turn on their faucet to brush their teeth, wash their face, or make a pot of coffee. For most, the source of their water and the filtration and treatment processes are an afterthought.  For some individuals, knowing the source of water is enough. Just knowing the body of water that their water comes doesn’t provide individuals an understanding of what other factors could be influencing the quality of their water. This is where understanding the watershed of a lake will provide individuals with a better understanding of the water they are consuming and how their own actions are influencing the quality of the water.

Here in the education section individuals, teachers and students will find information on different programs, resources and activities that will help in preserving and protecting the Owasco Lake Watershed. There are three sections where individuals can find the information they are seeking: Adult Resources, Teacher Resources and Educational Projects. While several resources are posted for you to use, we invite you to submit resources, lessons or projects to share with others and help in educating others about the importance of protecting our watershed.

Adult Resources

This section contains information individuals and organizations can use or start doing to help protect the watershed. Learn how to minimize erosion, maintain healthy lawns that are environmentally friendly, stop the spread of invasive species, what products to purchase that are phosphate free, how to make a rain barrel and many more.

Teacher Resources

This section contains educational curricula that K-12 teachers and college faculty can use in their classrooms to raise awareness and educate our youth about the importance of water in their community. Some resources provide opportunities for teachers and students to engage in larger monitoring projects where information is shared with other classroom. For K-12 teachers, many of the lessons link to state education standards, allowing for easy integration into the classroom.

Education Projects

Find out about what students, teachers and community members in the Owasco Lake Watershed are doing to help raise awareness out the watershed and the steps they are taking to protect it.